The purpose of this site is to give an impression of what it was like to inhabit Jane Austen’s world by reference to contemporary maps, engravings and written accounts of places she knew: all references are from original publications from the library of the site’s author.

The aim of this site is to provide, in time, a complete directory – a Gazetteer- of real places throughout the world which Jane Austen inhabited in life or referenced, a useful companion to her letters and her works. As you negotiate the pages within this site ( you can access them all from below the header or from the left hand column ) you will eventually be able to virtually visit Jane Austen’s world : all the places in which she lived, the towns and villages she visited, the towns, villages and countries in which the members of her immediate family visited and lived, and all the places mentioned in her novels and letters.

Each page (excepting the Special Pages) gives details of one specific place mentioned by Jane Austen. Every page contains the following : a description, a location on a map and, if possible, an engraving, followed by the references Jane Austen made to that place in her works or letters. All the information about each place is gleaned from contemporary sources.

Each page has links to other pages within it -highlighted in blue- and clicking on the links will help you to discover Jane Austen’s world, as she would have known it. All the maps and engravings used here can be made larger: simply by clicking on them a larger version will open in a new window. Some of them are large files and take a while to load: please be patient. Examining the detail of the enlargements brings many rewards. Some of the engravings or maps are slightly foxed /torn as a result of being over 200 years old: a few have been scanned at a slight angle-this is due to the limitations of scanning very delicate books.

Note that Jane Austen’s idiosyncratic spelling and late 18th-early 19th century topographical nomenclature have been maintained throughout the pages. Do note that as the old county ( and country) names and boundaries have been used, Bath is listed under Somersetshire and London is listed under Middlesex.

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This is a work in progress. For the past  five years I have been collating information from my collection to bring to this project : it will get larger and more comprehensive as time passes. At present only the main locations associated with Jane Austen’s life are recorded : the other locations will be processed in time, and when pages are added or updated, a notification will be posted on the AustenOnly home page

Legal notice.

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