Of the remains of antiquity in Warwickshire, none are more attractive to liberal curiosity than those of Kenilworth Castle, situated near the entre of the county, between Warwick and Coventry. This noble structure was first erected by Geoffrey de Clinton, lord Chamberlain and treasurer to Henry I. Being rendered a very strong fortress, it was the scene of various events in the civil disturbances of the kingdom and became the property of the crown, till the reign of Elizabeth who conferred it on the earl of Leicester. This favourite gave an entertainment at the castle to his royal mistress in 1575 with a magnificence which has become a part of history. After this period it  does not appear without celebrity; and it fell without resistance into the hands of Cromwell, by whose officers it was dismantled and reduced to a state of ruins for the sake of making profit of its materials. It is now a pile of dilapidation in different stages of decay, affording much striking and picturesque scenery.

Text: England Described etc (1818) by John Aikin M.D.

Map: Warwickshire (1809) by John Cary.

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